Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day 11 - afternoon

Very exciting afternoon!  Left around lunchtime to assure not being late and was shown around the radio station while I waited being on air.  Have to say I was very nervous!

Time soon came for the 'Five to Three Quiz' - terribly clever name on account of there being five questions to three contestants broadcast at 'five to three' in the afternoon.  The contestants compete weekly Monday to Thursday, and the two with the highest score compete in the 'Five to Two Quiz' on Friday, although still broadcast at 'five to three', highly baffling.

Shortly before start of quiz I met my opponents.  For sake of anonymity shall simply refer to Mrs Horseface and Mr Codger.  Mrs Horseface introduced as "home maker" (housewife), Mr Codger introduced as retired bank clerk (coppers counter).

Questions were posed at start of quiz and our written answers were collected and scores awarded as we read out our answers after the 3 o'clock news.  As a side note, absolutely no idea what other half means by 'dishy sounding news reader'.  Will be sure to report this when she comes home.

After news we read our answers, and I won!  I got 4 right, Horseface managed 3 questions right and Codger managed only 2!  Idiots!

Also managed bit of work.