Monday, 17 October 2011

Day 11

Worked diligently Friday afternoon so I could finish early.  Stopped for the quiz on the radio mid afternoon with a most peculiar outcome.

As I had done the day previous I texted in my answers, just for a bit of fun.  Turned out I did better than I thought.  Had a call from the producer "off air" (getting used to the lingo) saying that as I'd been one of two people to get all the answers right could I come into the studio next week to compete on air.  Was naturally flabbergasted, and said I would be delighted.

Told other half when she was home, with much incredulity.  Other half asked if I could get the autograph of 'that dishy sounding news reader'.  Emphatically declined.

So early afternoon I will be taking a trip into town to the radio studio.  Not sure about work yet, but I'm miles ahead so sure it won't be a problem.