Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Day 12 - afternoon

Other half was highly impressed last night when informed of my success.  Kissed my forehead and we had dessert after dinner.  Told her about my objections to the news reader.  Said she wished she hadn't made dessert.

Had absolutely no time this morning to write - too busy reading trivia websites also with some work.

Left slightly later after lunch to get to the radio station but still had plenty of time to wait.  Made sure to hide book '1001 quiz questions' as Horseface arrived, followed eventually by Codger, presumably busy feeding ducks.

Never seen a smug looking horse, but can imagine what it would look like.  Horseface got 4 questions right, I got 3 right, Codger got 2 right (again).  At least proving health service wasted on pensioners.