Friday, 21 October 2011

Day 14 - afternoon

Semi-final day on the quiz and there was no way I was going to lose out at this point.  Arrived in plenty of time again and set about studying while I waited.  Bought some terribly clever books and was learning lots.

Horseface came in followed by Codger (last minute as always - presumed he set off last night but was so slow).  Pressure was evident for all of us.  Codger had 8 points, Horseface had 10 and I had 9.  It was close.

The questions came and I answered confidently.  Looking around everyone was highly focused.  Thought at one point Codger had stopped breathing.

The results came in.  Horseface got the first 4 questions right, securing her place in the final.  It came down to the last question for Codger and I, and I got it!  Codger is history!

Can barely concentrate to work and waiting for other half to come home to share the big news!