Saturday, 22 October 2011

Day 15 - afternoon

Can barely believe how the day unfolded.

Got ready as usual with plenty of time to spare and listened to digital radio positioned precariously on dashboard on the journey into town.  Horrified to learn that 'Five to Two Quiz' was actually on at five to two.

Arrived with barely a second to spare, sweating heavily, and with Horseface to greet me looking like winner of the Grand National.  Told me I had done well to get this far.  Horseface lucky I was out of breath.

All scores were zeroed and it came down to 5 questions.  Having written down our answers Horseface and I looked at each other intently.  This was mid-afternoon war.

We read our answers calmly, not ashamed to say my heart jumped with every wrong answer from Horseface.  In the first 4 questions we got 3 right each.  Again it came down to the last question, will record here for future reference.

"How many litres in a gallon?"

Horseface's answer wildly out, smirked slightly, causing visible contempt.

"3.8 litres" was my answer, and same reply was given "wrong".  My heart sunk, it was a draw and would go to sudden death.  But wait!  Instantly realised my mistake.  Informed presenter that I was referring to a US gallon, and as original of gallon was not provided I was right.  After some conferring I was pronounced winner!  Horseface highly displeased made some argument "off air" with much neighing, however my crown stuck, I am the winner!

Other half was home early today and was elated to hear the news.  Still more pleased when I presented her with a signed postcard from the news reader.  Told me I was the only man for her.  She's a darling.

Off out to dinner tomorrow with boss and wife.  It's been a good week.