Monday, 24 October 2011

Day 16

Would not usually write about weekend activities but will make an exception.

Went to boss' house for dinner on Saturday.  Waited at the front door only to be greeted by Horseface!  Slightly taken back, Horseface and I stood in shocked silence, with my other half forming some semblance of politeness introducing us and saying she was most pleased to meet her!  Needless to say I was not quite so pleased but entered the house in any case, quite sure I was passing through the gates of Hades.

Followed the most peculiar dinner I had even attended.  Horseface (name remains withheld for obviously reasons) retained outwardly the utmost decorum throughout the meal.  However notable exceptions included fish subtly smaller than the others, wine refilled so infrequently the glass was barely wet, and dessert provided with a soup spoon.  Other half, happily with frequent wine refills enjoying time of her life!

Surprisingly neither Horseface nor her husband made any mention of the quiz.  Naturally I was in a state of nervousness throughout.  It was bad enough to be invited into the stable, as it were, but what would my boss think if he knew!

Eventually the inevitable happened and my boss brought up the quiz saying how well Horseface had done to get into the final.  (He clearly hadn't listened to Codger's performance.)  Thank god though! Other half was powdering her nose!  Replied saying I agreed she had done well, neither confirming or denying my part in the affair.  Conversation passed to other subjects by the time other half returned, and thankfully that was the last we heard of it.

Evening ended and we bolted not before time.  Horseface and boss showed much cordiality in showing us out, other half describing her joyous evening with much exuberance.  Admitted on way home she may be a bit tipsy, myself on the other hand close to heart attack.

Resolved to come clean when we were home but other half asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.  Felt unable mention it the next morning on account of fending off accusations of why I let other half drink so much.  Also queried why I was feeling no ill effects.  Explanation of barely a thimble of alcohol passing my lips also taken badly.

Anyhow, I still have my victory, and that fearful event is over.  Back to proper work and I can finish off this terrible iconography project.  Barely had any time to enjoy a little extra toast last week, so I think I deserve some.