Friday, 28 October 2011

Day 20 - lunch

Was reticent to ask Andy in for tea this lunchtime, having fallout from other half yesterday, however we agreed a quick cuppa wouldn't cause hurt anyone as long as he was gone promptly.

We weren't long sat down when a knock came at the door.  Opened it to be greeted by what can only describe as candidate for Fishwife of the Month award screaming at me asking where the "strumpet" was.  Taken back I explained there was no woman here, with response from fishwife
"Oh God!  You don't mean he's turned...!".

At this point Andy sheepishly appeared, resulting in the fishwife's tirade being redirected to whom was evidently her husband.

Argument went on for some time in doorway, before continuing first on the garden, then on the road.  Fishwife stopped briefly to warn me of trying to seduce her husband again with my wild protests only seeming to enrage further.  Situation was made all the worse by suspicious couple watching from their window for some time in full view.

Eventually arguing got suitable far from the house that I might close the door.  Have a feeling I best not ask Andy in for tea again.