Thursday, 6 October 2011

Day 4 - afternoon

I waited expectantly at the door as I saw the red coat of postman Andy arrive, only to open the door and find it some other postman entirely.  Postman seemed displeased about my attire, looking me up and down as he gave me the letters.  To make matters worse there is still no package from IT, and neighbours also appeared to be looking at me whilst they walked past.  Never liked that old couple anyway, always seemed suspicious.  Did extent the hand of friendship and offer new postman (no name provided) a cup of tea, however he declined saying he "had a job to do".  I replied "as do I!" indignantly shutting the door.

Had some lunch having got rid of inferior postman and decided I should ring IT and ask about package.  Did so, and was informed it had been shipped via courier and I should expect it today.

Spent the afternoon so far looking out of the window awaiting courier.

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