Friday, 7 October 2011

Day 5

End of the week, thank god, although no work as been done as yet.

Spent yesterday afternoon awaiting courier, also inspecting suspicious old couple's activities in doing so.  I'm sure they cannot see me through the blinds.

Courier finally arrived, and I opened the door expecting the package from IT.  Box seemed larger and lighter than I had expected but parcel was signed for and I took it in.  Decided against offering courier man a cup of tea having seen burned by inferior postman yesterday.  Also be looked quite burley.

Upon opening parcel I entered a period of irate disgust.  Not only had the mail order company delivered the wrong style of bean bag, it was bright pink.  Too annoyed to process this information I left the opened parcel in the hall and sat in a huff in the kitchen until other half came home, at which point we had a fearful row over why I had bought a bean bag, why it was pink, and why it was in the middle of the hall.

I did manage to call the mail order company once I'd calmed down, so I'm now awaiting return of courier today.

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