Monday, 10 October 2011

Day 6 - lunch

Received terrible email from work.

Dropped my boss an email this morning and decided to indulge in some toast while waiting for a reply.  Upon resuming my work shortly after (thus far principally involving rearrangement of desktop icons and corporate juggling) I received an email addressed to 'All in Office'.  I felt very smug knowing it would be some drivel about broken heating or some such.  Imagine my horror as I began to read the email, pasted below for full ghastly effect.
"Dear All, 
"Can whoever has ordered a pink bean bag please come to reception and pick it up.  It's taking up quite a bit of space so sooner the better. 
I felt a sickening feeling.  It's not possible that someone else had ordered a pink bean bag, is it?

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