Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Day 7 - lunch

Killed as much time as possible but couldn't put it off any long, so went and checked work email.  I was going to have to confront the bean bag situation.

Greeted by another email address to 'All in Office' and winced as I clicked it.
"Dear All,
"The MD has been past and the bean bag package has still not been collected.  Please can whoever has ordered it collect it immediately."
Picked up the phone and dialed slowly.

Spoke to a very chirpy young lady whose mood seemed to turn slightly less chirpy as I explained the origin of the pink bean bag.  She did not seem to take the news well when I explained I wouldn't be collecting it and asked me to wait, evidently seeking advice from more senior receptionist.  Advice having been communicated by means of cackling laughter, the young receptionist returned to the call and said that perhaps facilities would be able to use the bean bag in a break out area and I could email them.

Having ended call I was then party to 'email tennis' discussion to explain erroneously shipping a pink bean bag to an office, and both positive and negative merits of finding a home for said bean bag in said office.  Also provided some guidance on whether pink would go with yellow.  Facilities manager agreed to kindly take the bean bag from reception and make some use of it.  Thanked her for your help.

No email yet received from boss, but with recent shock I will diligently sit at my desk waiting for it.

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