Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day 27 - afternoon

Work going well, withstanding interruptions.

Again, door bell rang today, and was greeted by charity worker asking for donations, different charity to yesterday.  Upon looking more closely at girl realised it was in fact the very same girl I first saw yesterday, albeit with different coat and different charity.  Made connection due to particularly prominent and unsavoury nose piercing.  Made girl aware of the connection, and I had already provided her with five pounds yesterday.  Said she had no idea what I was talking about.  Explained she had a red coat on, and today it was blue, and I recognised her.  Replied saying she had her some excuses in her time but this takes the biscuit.  Made one final attempt at prizing a fiver off me, but after some sharp words indignantly left my doorstep.

This event in itself highly unusual, however then positively astounded to hear a second knock at the door later, and to see the second charity worker from yesterday following too.  Asked if this was some kind of joke, and she explained in grave tone that the charity's work was of utmost importance.  Asked her if she managed to get half of the money from her colleague yesterday, and equally gravely charity worker said she didn't although it was okay as it was "good pickings" around here, so she met her quota.  Said perhaps she should try asking for half my money again today and shut the door.