Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Day 28 - afternoon

Defying all possible belief, was visited again by the Sisters of Mercy, although still in bad mood about upcoming dinner this weekend simply shouted "NO!" through the door both times.  Was more than obvious who they were based on stature and coats (red again) as previous.  Response of  "THANK YOU!" most odd, but got on with work anyway (also toast to calm nerves).  Tried juggling, made things worse.

Addendum: 9.30pm:

Can't help but think that events this evening were related.  Other half came and ventured to ask why there was a bag clothes on our doorstep.  Said I hadn't the slightest idea.  Query from other half if I was quite sure I wasn't acquiring more charity clothing led to row before dinner, although saw the funny side afterwards and made up.  Other half said she was positively delighted I wasn't wearing that awful coat.  Kissed me on my forehead when I looked a little hurt.