Friday, 11 November 2011

Day 30 - lunch

Pleased to say have got rid of entire collection of bags to local charity shop.  Car positively stuffed with them on way to charity shop.  Took some time to unload, with no small degree of stares from passers by.  Charity shop not altogether pleased on such a quantity, but assured them clothes of highest quality.  Realised when home could have pleased other half by getting rid of charity coat previously used at coffee shop, too late now.

Returned home for lunch, and thought half of day's trials were dealt with (other half still to come in form of ghastly dinner party).  Forgot about possible tribulations, however, and was soon delivered in form of charity worker knocking at door.

Was in perfect mood to provide piece of my mind, however found Sister of Mercy asking where bags of clothes were.  Explained they had been taken to local charity shop and what on earth were they doing on my property in any case.  Sharp response came back that I had agreed to act as collection point for clothes for their charity.  Reiterated in no uncertain terms that no, I had not agreed to any such thing.  Charity worker then replied that she had shouted through door yesterday asking if I would mind, and I had responded "NO!".  At this point exasperated beyond ability to ask why she thought carrying out negotiations through closed doors was reasonable practice.  Charity worker obviously on roll asked where bags had been taken.  Explained it was a local charity, with significant displeasure from intended recipient.  Evidently significant grudge held between rival organisations.

In last ditch attempt to get rid of her said I could provide a few items myself, however, and presently provided coat from charity shop.  Thought this height of recycling.  Charity worker took coat, looked displeased, said "Right!" and left the premises.  Suspecting will have no further requests from now on, and furthermore, second Sister of Mercy was absent from my door!