Friday, 11 November 2011

Day 30

Was awfully nervous as other half arrived home last night about various bags of clothes stashed about the place.  Thankfully no further bags had arrived.  Had been checking periodically should any greet other half on the doorstep before I could intercept.

Dinner somewhat spoiled by talk of dinner with boss, now informed it is actually Friday, not Saturday, meaning the ghastly affair is tomorrow.  Made further complaint about the matter, fell on deaf ears.  Made suggestion that perhaps Horseface could get the smallest portion of meat, other half responded that if anyone was getting the raw deal it would be me.  Did say she would be kind enough to cook the 'raw deal' though.  Didn't see the funny side.

Other half off to work and am now free to get rid of these bags of clothes.  Can only presume it's some silly collection point, but don't see why home should be turned into storage facility, they can go to local charity shop.