Monday, 14 November 2011

Day 31 - lunch

Forgot earlier to recount later goings on at dinner party, but will do so now for completeness.

Evening was going ahead nicely, fueled principally with the combustible mix of wine and humour, both at my expense.  In any case, later in evening other half disappeared, only to reappear from kitchen moments later wearing the charity coat.  This awful sight, with more coat than woman, then uttered
"Oy soiy, spare me a foiver guv'nor?"  With all three of the accomplices bursting into fits of laughter, other half almost falling over under the weight of coat.

This not bad enough, boss then had curious look over his face, and went on to ask if this was the attire I'd be wearing in the coffee shop.  All three instantly quiet, with a look of intense concentration, clearing sensing a further development to the story like an animal smells fear.

Indignantly said yes it WAS the particular coat, and at least SOMEONE was trying to help out charities and so on.  This proved all too much, and further showers of laughter drowned the party for some time afterwards.

Other half plonked herself on my lap, with some weight in doing so, and kissed me on my forehead saying I was a dear.  Slightly saw the funny side myself and evening ended better than it had began.