Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Day 32

As if I hadn't had enough of unexpected visitors at door, saw a black shape pass by our back door earlier this morning during breakfast.  Went to investigate to get the fright of my life in form of old lady shuffling along with a torch.  Opened door to ask what on earth she was doing, to which she replied "protecting the neighbourhood".  I asked old lady from what she was protecting us, to which she got closer to me and hoarsely whispered "Burglars!".

At this point other half, eating her breakfast, shouted over asking if old lady would like a cup of tea, was duly accepted.

Then proceeded a conversation while other half got ready for work on the merits of Neighbourhood Watch, with subtle hints that perhaps shuffling around in the dark and cold, as the woman looked about 80 years old, quite unwise, and what she was going to do if she did discover a burglar.  Miss Marple then pulled out an ungodly sized mobile phone from her heavy coat, making my old clunker look state of the art.  "Call for reinforcements!" was the reply.

Finally dispatched Miss Marple when other half left for work, leaving me to eat toast before work.  Work going well, by the way, continuing on with new project with some productivity.