Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 34 - lunch

Realised with horror at mid-morning tea break that Neighbourhoo Wat sticker completely vanished from front window.  Expecting it fallen off groveled under window to find it, with no luck.  Assume other half had removed it without me noticing.

Was terribly concerned about visit from Miss Marple in complaint, and just afterwards the knock came.  Poor dear looked terribly cold, presume she had been up since dawn stalking around neighbourhoo, and despite beratement over sticker invited her in for cup of tea.

During tea Miss Marple continued details of yesterday's assignment (cut short last night due to distinct disinterest form other half) saying she found them the "rummest couple she had ever seen" and that they positively refused a Neighbourhood Watch sticker.  Said she distinctly saw something at the rear of the house and not to be surprised if I saw her investigating around the back "after hours".  Said I thought this most unwise but would have none of it.

Now left to get back on to my work.  Said she would be back with another sticker.  Fearful thing.

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