Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 34

Further displeasure from other half last night at Neighbourhoo Wat sticker in window.  Asked what the point was when largely incomprehensible.  Said it kept the real neighbourhood menace at bay and was therefore well worth the real-estate.  Other half reluctantly conceded.  At that point menace made herself present with knock at the door and barely had I opened it had Miss Marple entered.  Other half obviously highly displeased with this, but having provided tea and an audience for her deductions with regards to the suspicious old couple, Miss Marple duly left, making a comment to other half about the sticker on the way out.

Other half said intrusion and comment about sticker most unwelcome, as was I for most of evening.  No opportunity to ask about use of "rum", but wondered if other half considered me "rum" at the time.  Most uncomfortable position in any case, but with thoughts of rum, sought out drinks cabinet to ease nerves.

Other half somewhat happier this morning, but really need to do something with that sticker.

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