Friday, 18 November 2011

Day 35

Most peculiar this morning as other half left for work, saw police car outside the suspicious old couple's house.  Made some effort to monitor situation through window but saw not a stir of action.  After some time saw Miss Marple approach and knock at the door, again looking deathly cold, so let her in for tea.

Probed if Miss Marple had investigated the old couple last night and if she had found what she was looking for.  Said yes she had, but said it was best that she did not go into any more detail, motioning to police car.  Found this terribly exciting.

Seemed to have shopping bag with her, so presumed she would be leaving presently, but after tea she asked if she could hold up here as police car made her nervous about who could be out there.  Could barely turn her out on the street so she now sits in lounge watching morning television while I work.

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