Monday, 21 November 2011

Day 36 - afternoon

Awaiting response from boss email, took trip into town late morning to see about replacement clock for other half, and in worst luck came across Horseface cantering down high street.  Thought it best not to be seen about town while should be working, so dived into nearest open shop door.  Found in worst luck this to be charity shop.

Whilst cursing the prevalence of these spiteful places, Horseface slowed to a trot, looked in through shop door said "Cooee Robert, looking for a new coat!" and before had time to respond galloped away, leaving countless shop patrons looking on.  Upon this stormed out of shop and set about finding clock, altogether displeased with encounter.

Managed to find beautifully crafted mantle clock in replacement and set off home.  Still no response from boss.

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