Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 37 - lunch

Went into town before lunch and saw Horseface again!  This time saw her from afar and quickly went into jewelers, correct shop this time, to avoid contact.

Followed most grievous conversation with shop girl saying that clock could not be returned as it was in a sale.  Said I had only bought it yesterday and had been an unwanted gift (displeased as this fact alone) and I would like to return it.  Shop girl said again items in sale could not be returned, and could I not read, pointing to impossibly small sign saying the same.  Said no I could NOT read it, and was this a jewelers or an opticians?  Girl replied if I wanted to "continue to argue" could come back on Friday when the owner was in.  Said I certainly would and stormed out.

Unfortunately in heightened annoyance walked straight out of shop into someone, and having barged her to the ground realised it was Horseface.
"Oi!  Watch where you're going you idiot!  Oh hello Robert!  Didn't realise it was you." followed by utmost apology from me.  Then proceeded probing conversation from Horseface asking what I was doing in town again, which could barely avoid, meaning further evidence will no doubt be passed on to boss as to my day time whereabouts.

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