Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 37

Gave new mantle clock to other half last night, and much to my dismay, didn't like it one jot. Said in nicest possible way the thing was fearful. I thought the item jolly nice, but said would take it back. Other half saw disappointment and kissed me on forehead thanking me for the thought. Asked me to take it off mantlepiece straight away as empty space was better. Thought this a bit thick.

Asked other half if she could return the clock when in town. Said she would rather not been seen with it if it was all the same to me. Thanked me again for the thought. Replied I had bought a clock, not a thought. Other half said jolly ugly it was too. Then followed row after which we soon made up.

Still no email from boss and situation made worse by another trip into town being necessary. Will take special care to avoid any equestrian activity.

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