Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Day 38 - lunch

Postman arrived today with parcel, simply addressed to "Robert".  Opened it with most chilling surprise - it contained, very well packaged and perfectly preserved, our mantle clock.  Also contained in the package was a note saying


"Thank you for your assistance last week.  Needed to take clock as an alibi but here it is returned to you.  If you ever consider a career in the Business, just put a neighbourhood watch sticker in the window and I will know.

The Neighbourhood Watcher

"PS. This package is quite untraceable so if your conscious gets the better of you, take it to the Law."

Didn't possibly know what to think of this, but mechanically put clock back on mantlepiece.  Looked awfully ominous but will see what other half thinks later, and to note.

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