Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Day 38

Couldn't even think of showing mantle clock to other half again last night, so hid it away for another attempt at returning it on Friday.  Truly disappointing given its fine workmanship.

Unfortunately situation made worse by other half's delight at it being gone, and could not bear to tell her it was still tucked way in back of wardrobe.  This location proved somewhat imprudent, as other half discovered clock at bed time and asked why I still had "that bally awful thing" showing some annoyance.  Came out about being unable to return it was in a sale, as did cost of item.  Unfortunately this made situation worse seeing as cost quite high even for a sale with other half saying she wouldn't consider it a sale price if they were giving it away.  As final blow asked me if I was sure I wasn't in a charity shop.  Luckily both saw funny side and went to bed smiling.

Wondering how much long can wait for email from boss this morning, and may well email again as 'reminder'.

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