Thursday, 24 November 2011

Day 39 - afternoon

Much jaded after newspaper incident earlier so spent morning quietly working trying not to think about it.

Was disturbed late morning by noise from outside followed by doorbell.  Half tempted not to answer but relinquished after several further attempts from person on doorstep.  Opened it to be faced by television camera pointing straight at me, along with female presenter recognisable from regional television news.  Thought this highly shocking and with previous problem closing door in someone's face froze on the spot.  At this point noise and wind picked up as helicopter flew over house, with presenter shouting
"Don't worry about that!  They're just getting some aerial photos of the garden where she got away!".

Looked up in open-mouthed amazement to find helicopter now hovering and camera equipment pointing right at me.

"We use it for traffic normally!  Clever isn't it!" continued presenter.

Managed to snap out of it and with significant gesturing made presenter abundantly aware that this was "beyond a bally joke!" and there "must be some law against this!" then adding carefully "I don't even know what you're on about..".

Ignoring this, presenter asked if I would mind a quick interview as they were shooting for the 1 o'clock news, and perhaps show where the missing clock was placed.  Had heart attack realising clock was now exactly where it had already been, and making certain presenter was not really undercover police, shut door in their faces.  Darted to lounge window to close curtains only to find cameraman pointing camera at window in direction of mantlepiece.  Quickly closed curtains and shoved clock in magazine rack out of view.

Nothing else to do at this point but sit in darkened room waiting for frenzy to die down.  Unable to peek through curtains for fear of being on camera, had convenience of watching proceedings on television, looping between aerial shots of house, close-up on mantlepiece clearly showing clock, recorded footage of me giving presenter what-for, and presenter broadcasting from end of drive.  This continued for some considerable time.  Assumed it was a slow news day.

Some time after 1 o'clock media finally left, allowing me to carefully open lounge curtains, only to find suspicious old couple stood on lawn, mouths open staring right at me.  Thankfully they had kindly not given an interview.  Waved at them and smiled, but showed no response.

Don't know how I'm going to concentrate this afternoon.

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