Friday, 25 November 2011

Day 40

Managed to get through yesterday afternoon without further incident, and very pleased when other half came home.  Situation not helped when informed other half told one or two colleagues who thought it terribly funny and went out at lunch to try and buy newspaper themselves, which got out of hand and was passed around whole office.

Went on to ask where clock was and retrieving clock from magazine rack proceeded to tell whole story with her looking most serious the whole time, and not laughing afterwards.  Called me a "poor dear".  Did say she would have liked to have seen it though, "just for curiosity".

Fortunately such an opportunity was afforded, as 1 o'clock piece was rebroadcast for the 6 o'clock news, although thankfully slightly shorter.  Other half watched with some concentration and when finished called me a "poor dear" again.  After this mother in law telephoned, and other half and her talked for some considerable time about events.  Evidently mother in law had been watching all coverage possibly available.

Have to make trip into town today to drop off note that came with clock at police station and try and return unwanted replacement clock.  Feeling much calmer today and will work in meantime.

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