Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Day

Barely thought I would have time today for diary, but seeing as other half has taken Mrs Payne to church, have a few moments free.

Awoke early hearing some awfully loud noises from downstairs, and assuming worse, went down to see if a burglar was about.  Instead, opened kitchen door to see Mrs Payne, still in dressing gown, and quite covered in flour making usual mess about the kitchen.  Uttered "Mrs Payne!" before judiciously adding "Merry Christmas!" and saw look for intense pride on her face.

"Merry Christmas Robert!", she said, adding with excitement, "I'm making pancakes!  For breakfast!", clearly dazzled by this most wild of ideas.

Replied I thought it a brilliant notion, however had to advise Mrs Payne that unfortunately filling toasted sandwich maker with pancake batter most unwise.  Aggrieved to learn Mrs Payne thought nothing of the sort, and went on to say she had already made a dozen, now keeping warm in oven.  Painfully looked upon sandwich maker to find it more batter than machine.  Merely managed "jolly good" in response.

Other half having joined us, had a most joyful breakfast of square pancakes, with a short break to investigate smoke bellowing from kitchen on account of sandwich maker being left on.

Followed the opening of presents before church.  Mrs Payne most pleased with her six pack of tinned mince from me.  Proceeded to read the label as one evaluating a fine wine, giving approving murmurs on occasion.  Mrs Payne in return gave me a tie.  Did my best to thank her for the gift.  Not quite sure when I will have the necessity to wear it, but Mrs Payne insisted I did so at the earliest opportunity.  Other half added she thought I'd look most dashing.

Other half opened her gift from me, and thanked me for the trouble, noting I had the right size as well.  Did inform me, however, that as it happened she had an identical dress already.  Disappointed, said I didn't remember it.  Other half said it was a jolly nice thought though, and she could exchange it for something as nice.  I opened my gift from other half, and delighted to uncover a new coat.  Said she wouldn't want me to be cold.  Thanked her kindly for the gift.

Mrs Payne and other half exchanged soap and suchlike, and as such concluded presents.  Helped ourselves to a little sherry.

Am now in charge of the goose, now cooking in the oven, and Mrs Payne's turkey mince, stewing in a saucepan.

Merry Christmas.

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