Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

Received knock at door some time yesterday afternoon, and assumed other half home early for the day and had forgotten her key.  In any event opened the door (Mrs Payne being quite too involved in puzzle book) to find boss and Horseface showing quite profound sets of teeth between them, smiling in state of profound amusement.  "We've got something for you", the grinning pair said in unearthly unison, and with a nod from boss, Horseface cantered off to the car, bring bag a large shopping bag, quite struggling to hold it.  Boss went on to explain,"We had this for boxing day, but we couldn't see you short on Christmas, so have this from us.  I'm afraid it's not a turkey, but hopefully it'll be okay.", at which Horseface opened the bag to reveal most straggly turkey, was in fact a quite beautiful goose.

Not ashamed to say I had a little tear in my eye as I gratefully accepted the gift, and asked if they would like to come in for a sherry.  Saying they had no plans, said they would be delighted.

Opened fridge, looking sad and cavernously empty, and shoved in the large goose, filling it almost completely.  Returned to lounge with glasses and profound thanks to the both of them.  Mrs Payne asked if she would still be able to have her turkey mince.

Four of us were in quite a state of merriment as other half came home looking altogether beleaguered knowing I would almost certainly not have managed to get something for Christmas dinner.  Rushing to take my darling in my arms, explained a most wondering thing had happened.  Boss quite cut me off however, saying,
"I'd say it's wonderful!  Robert really pulled it out of the bag, he was just telling us, getting hold of a goose for you!  Don't know how the man does it!  Quite a dynamo!".  Boss and other half smiled most graciously as I opened my mouth to protest, but had no chance before other half showed her affection saying it was me that was wonderful.  Promptly dropped her work things where she stood and rapidly joined us for a sherry

Am now feeling most in Christmas spirit.  Pleased to say this morning found advent calendar storing chocolate behind its little '24' door also.

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