Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day 44 - afternoon

Went down for lunch earlier to find Mrs Payne quite disappeared.  After first considering this lucky event, decided best try and track her down, and making certain was not in house ventured to see if she was in garden.  This search failing, was quite at a loss as to where she may have gone.

Walking ever further from house checked nearby post box, local shops, park and all possible paths to and from.  Quite exhausted when returning after considerable pace of search, one inescapable fact remains: I have lost Mrs Payne.

Thought best possible action in situation was to call other half, was beside herself with worry, as well as most annoyed at me having "let her run off like a stray dog".  Tired after over an hour of searching thought this a bit thick, but decided best not to defend predicament.

Other half suggested calling police station, and despite protests against action, did as asked.  Certain that no other policemen exist than Sergeant Brooks, who with unerring ease recognised voice and called me "Sherlock" again, to my significant displeasure.  Said mother-in-law had gone missing, answering to Mrs Payne.  Sergeant thought this a hilarious tale and said he would keep an eye out.  Asked what she was wearing, and informing him I didn't know, replied "keep up the sleuthing, Sherlock" and ended call.

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