Friday, 2 December 2011

Day 45

On account of Mrs Payne disappearing had most distressing afternoon, and more stressful evening when she returned.

Could barely work all afternoon, and other half telephoned several times with no good news to relay.  Giving up with work, went on a walk twice around locale, as at lunchtime, and coming back, significantly tired in doing so, was astounded to see Mrs Payne being let into house by other half, returning from work.  Gasped for air while sweating profusely, asked where on earth she had been.  At this point Mrs Payne looking awfully serious turned to other half and said I was a blighter and had locked her out!

Continuing once all inside our house, said she had to seek rescue in old couple's home across the road and they had been most accommodating.  Also asked if her daughter new about my "antics" with regards to the Law.  Thought this height of rudeness in one's own home, but reached new heights when suggesting other half make "serious consideration of divorce"!

This all too much, and quite unable to continue said I was "bally well going to do some work" and stormed upstairs.

Thankfully other half packed her off to bed at earliest moment, meaning I could emerge for something to eat and discuss the matter.  This not helped by other half offering left overs of another tinned mince concoction, nor trying to make something myself when could barely find anything.  Settled in end of buttered toast, as had fewest possible ingredients, although too furious to wash up meagre crockery we had located, instead ate from a pan lid.  Other half said I did look a silly sight and was most affectionate saying she didn't know what had come over her mother.

Other half off today, so can spend some time with mother whilst I work.  Escaped to office as quickly as possible before Mrs Payne woke, and will hold up here until certain sanity, or madness, has fully set in.

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