Monday, 5 December 2011

Day 46

Home has returned to some degree of normality, albeit with addition of Mrs Payne.  Thankfully tinned mince has run out, and mother-in-law altogether more reasonable knowing she can stay.  Still question as to what may happen after Christmas, but will try to endure until then.

Other half and her mother went shopping Sunday, leaving me to peaceful day, and by means of reparation Mrs Payne returned with a chocolate advent calendar.  This graciously accepted, and promptly ate 4 chocolates in a row, making up for 1st to 4th of December.

Seizing opportunity of being suitably plied with chocolate, other half and Mrs Payne owned to desiring real Christmas tree this year.  Thought this quite unnecessary, but suggestion to use plastic tree, 15 year vintage, met with much disdain for tree looking "more like a set of coat hangers".  Repost of tree having served us well met with deaf ears, and eventually other half won her way telling me it would make Christmas ever so special.  By way of beating weekend crowd, now have to get tree this week in order to keep tree longest possible time to get money's worth.

In particular hope that Mrs Payne will keep herself occupied whilst working.

For sake of note, still can't find anything in kitchen.

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