Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day 49

By time other half came home last night, Mrs Payne had still barely removed all decorations from tree.  Had managed, however, to cover almost entirety of lounge floor with decorations in doing so, making traversing room quite impossible.  Finished work as other half came home, and going to lounge was left marooned in opposite corners of room, (owing to hall and lounge being combined), whilst Mrs Payne continued to grumble inwardly whilst removing further decorations.

Suggestion for Mrs Payne to stop and tidy up duly ignored, we carefully cleared paths to kitchen to prepare dinner, leaving her to continue.

Hearing an "Ooooo!" some time later, other half and I rushed to lounge door (nearest we could get) to see Christmas tree quite fallen over on top of Mrs Payne, almost buried in decorations.  Grumbling had reached new height so carefully stepped way through decorations and raised tree upright and freed Mrs Payne.  This act of heroism not taken well, blamed me for not securing the "bally wobbly contraption" properly.  Thought this a bit thick but mood significantly improved by Mrs Payne's appearance, having significant amount of glitter, pieces of tinsel and spray on snow attached to clothes, face and hair.  This all too much for other half, burst out laughing, at much annoyance of Mrs Payne.

After dinner  combined effort of all three managed to clear decorations, replace old tree with new, and store old tree back in porch.  Now have more difficult job of getting rid of old tree, now great deal wobbly.

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