Friday, 9 December 2011

Day 50

Other half most pleased last night at removal of supplementary tree.  Was at least sympathetic to my effort in getting it, if not the end result.  Called me her "knight in shining armour".  She's a dear.

Unfortunately still stuck with enormous quantity of rather garish decorations, with Mrs Payne insistent on putting them back on tree.  As such now looks like lounge is santa's grotto, made worse by Mrs Payne taking remainder of decorations and casting them about the place like sprinkling fairy dust, attaching to every picture frame, door knob, lampshade and footstool.  Any attempt to remove even smallest of items results in considerable telling-off.

In worse luck, boss is coming over later this morning to drop off Christmas card as well as talk of final project work before Christmas.  Have told Mrs Payne in no uncertain terms that she is to be hidden away in kitchen whilst he is here.  Solemnly agreed to do so.

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