Monday, 12 December 2011

Day 51 - lunch

Late lunch today as still making efforts to clean kitchen from last night.  Mrs Payne wholly unavailable for this due to "migraine".

Feel for completeness should record latter goings on from party on Friday night.

Having finally been fed was then considered quite wisest of plans to play a game of Trivial Pursuits.  Quite deplore the game under usual circumstances, but seeing as Horseface was here concluded it would be jolly fun.

Opinion on game quickly returned to its previous conclusion that game quite deplorable, seeing as Horseface positively furlongs ahead of rest of us.  Boss, Mrs Payne and other half cared not one jot, and hilarity returned having been fed, with joke answers quite en vogue.  Eventually the inevitable happened, and despite playing jolly well, I thought, lost to Horseface with considerable bad luck.  At this point most astonishing thing happened.  Boss, proud of his wife's achievement, said I had played jolly well, but after all, she had won the radio quiz several weeks ago.  Begged his pardon, and was quite assured to repeat the statement!  Acting with coolness of detective of Scotland Yard, casually explained that as it happened I had a recording of the quiz, and wouldn't it be great fun to hear it again?  Terror appeared in Horseface's eyes, and most unexpectedly shouted,
"I say!  There's the lobster!".

All turned around to see lobster making jaunty trip out of kitchen.  Mrs Payne screamed terribly, and acting as quick as a flash I had grabbed the beast and returned it to kitchen.  Pot was soon boiling, and enjoyed delicious supper between us.

Despite cleverness on my part, quite failed to bring up subject of quiz again.  Made a point of congratulating Horseface on winning at Trivial Pursuit as they left, with returned look of concern on her face.  Now dedicating some considerable portion of my time to Horseface's demise.

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