Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Day 52 - lunch

Mid-morning Mrs Payne interrupted me with telephone call.  Answered to hear the familiar neighing of Horseface, asking if perhaps I would like a coffee one lunchtime, seeing as I am "often in town".  Took great exception to being "often in town", however duly accepted.  Certain Horseface will bring up her little fib to husband (my boss) regarding quiz.  As such, plan now being to met Horseface in town tomorrow, at expensive coffee shop.

Having finished telephone call, made enquiries as to Mrs Payne's progress with regards tidying of kitchen.  Disappointed to see that rather than tidying kitchen, had opted to bake a cake.  As such kitchen looked even worse than prior, and Mrs Payne herself adopted a rather floury coating on both face and clothes, having evidently considered apron quite unnecessary.

Ventured to look into oven to find quite flattest and most dense cake had ever seen.  Queried whether cake might be cooked, seeing as colour quite black, however was told certainly not had a good half hour more.  At this left Mrs Payne to it, quite exasperated by whole affair.

Returned to kitchen for lunch a good hour later, and querying progress on cake front, was told it was still in oven "just firming up a bit".  Did not go into further detail, but ate toast in lounge.

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