Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day 53 - lunch

Despite still feeling out of sorts, was in absolute determination to meet Horseface for coffee.  As such set off late morning, leaving Mrs Payne enjoying another piece of cake.

Arrived to find Horseface already most of way through a cup of coffee not unlike soup bowl in dimensions.  Seeing me, met me quite as long-lost friend, proceeding to order another soup bowl of coffee herself, as well as paying for my small coffee, seeming most overly familiar with staff in process.

Having seated ourselves, Horseface set right to business opening with,
"So, about this quiz business..".  Responded most nonchalantly,
"Oh yes?".

Followed a most civil discourse on how supportive husband had been as to going for the quiz and felt positively awful in letting him down, and really meant not the slightest malice in misrepresenting the true winner.  Further, thought me a terribly good winner, and really was not the slightest contest as it was quite obvious the winner.

Listening to this lengthy discourse quite regretted getting small coffee, as had nearly finished before even half way through.  Perhaps it was feeling out of sorts, or Horseface's desperate neighing, but informed her that would be quite willing to keep her secret and nothing more would be said about it.

This knowledge taken particularly well by Horseface, offered me another coffee, and this time joined her in soup bowl size.

After some further discussion on just how positively terrible the old codger had been in quiz, with even some laughter thrown in, made our way to part company.  Said, however, would she be so kind as to wait a moment.  Produced rather large tin-foil parcel from bag and handed it to Horseface.  Said it was a gift from Mrs Payne, who GREATLY insisted it would be delivered to her and husband for their enjoyment.  Horseface thanked me warmly for this gift, and off she went, most pleased, with half of Mrs Payne's cake.

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