Thursday, 15 December 2011

Day 54 - lunch

Quite the coldest weather we have had so far this year, although this quite unimaginable given temperature of home.  Mrs Payne unable to bear temperature anywhere below that of sauna has ongoing battle with myself in turning up heating when I have only just turned it down.  To further this, coming down for lunch found Mrs Payne sat in front of fire too.  Querying whether perhaps she might be a bit hot, replied with not a bit of it, and was I not cold?

Mrs Payne asked about cake at lunch, generously donated to boss and Horseface.  Said I hadn't heard a word, neglecting to say boss was probably in death bed at very moment, lamenting ever having looked upon the cake.

Given lack of productivity last time, boss was supposed to be visiting regarding work tomorrow, so quite unaware of if this will happen.  If not quite unwell before entering our home, will certainly be when leaving, having endured temperature quite tropical.

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