Friday, 16 December 2011

Day 55

Other half and I attempted two-sided attack on Mrs Payne regards excessive heating, proving quite unsuccessful.  Justification of "catching her death" sounded profoundly tempting proposition.  Home as hot as ever this morning, and office positively stifling.  Other half quite grateful to leave for work, putting on coat outdoors so not to pass out indoors with the temperature.

Once other half had left ventured to ask Mrs Payne as to possible Christmas presents for her.  Suggestion of further silverware matching mantle clock design quickly denied.  I countered with suggestion of new dress, as other half rarely spends money on herself, and this was agreed as one gift.  Have got size from Mrs Payne in order to purchase the item.  Will surely have to think of additional gifts however on account of being from both of us.  Mrs Payne provided 5 pounds up front for her half of the dress asking if it would "be enough".  Seemed greatly taken back when I said "not unless it's from the seconds shop", but seeing reaction conceded amount would be quite adequate.

Made particular pains to ask Mrs Payne to avoid boss later this morning during visit, as meeting quite important and Mrs Payne having promised solemnly, reiterated and asked again for further promise.  Some offence taken to this, however was glad to have made sure.

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