Monday, 19 December 2011

Day 56

Positively sick of work and run-up to Christmas.  Will be profoundly glad when can have some time off.  Despite boss being unavailable most of the time, feel I have been working jolly hard so far.  Unfortunately am working until Friday.

To make matters worse have been informed that other half and Mrs Payne have put themselves on a strict diet between now and Christmas as to be able to enjoy themselves thereafter.  Finding this highly unreasonable seeing as not a solitary biscuit, chocolate or lump of cheese is to be found in the house.  The only exception to this is my chocolate advent calendar, as purchased by Mrs Payne, hidden this in my office.

As further Christmas woes, still have to acquire present for other half, not to mention Mrs Payne, who quite unjustifiably have been requested to buy present for also.  This will be done today by taking Mrs Payne into town, who also wants to do some shopping.

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