Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Day 57 - afternoon

Attempted another trip into town before lunch, this time leaving Mrs Payne at home rolling her eyes at my mistake.

Found queues even worse then prior, with almost 30 minutes spent getting to front of queue.  Had already picked up dress of correct size, so had similar pain of holding dress whilst queuing.  Began to think this present most unwise.  Next year will get perfume.

Getting to front of queue was faced by same tittering cashier as previous and plonking bag on counter informed her I would like to return dress as wrong size.  At this cashier looked somewhat quizzical, and stated with some volume,
"Your were told it wouldn't fit you!".
Quite taken back by this, managed to utter,
"I say, this is a present for my wife!", to which received instant reply,
"Why would your wife say it wouldn't fit you then?".  Quite flabbergasted at this, made mistake of turning around, to see numerous shoppers quite engrossed in this discourse.
"That was NOT my wife!", possibly did not helping situation and heard quiet giggle followed by "Oh I say!" from interior of queue, cashier said in any case she could not process returns and I would have to take it to customer services.  Cashier had shouted "NEXT!" before even had time to gather up items.

Followed another queue so long could barely see service desk in distance and was quite furious by time got to front of it.  Explained again of dress being wrong size, and customer assistant clearly thought it highly amusing to look me up and down and say,
"I should say not!".  Evidently this was particular theme in store, as assistant sat at next till made particular point to laugh also.
This altogether too much, and wearily sighed.  Assistant most disappointed her joke had fallen on deaf ears set about the transaction.  Managed this time successful replacement and escaped without further embarrassment, only to hear excruciating "Cooeee!" from some distance.  Squinting, was once again dismayed to see Horseface cantering up, and quite unprepared for another conversation uttered,
"I say, are you following me?".  Thankfully Horseface took this as quite hilarious joke, and laughing a good deal snorted,
"Other way around I should say!".

Explained about dress, as was quite concerned about boss hearing another period was spent in town.  "No, thought it wouldn't fit", Horseface nonchalantly replied.  Most annoyed at this.

Was cheered up somewhat by Horseface inviting us to Christmas quiz at local pub later this week.  Giddy with thought of Horseface and I on same team rather than opponents for once, said we would certainly be delighted.

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