Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Day 57

Quite furious.  Last night hiding away other half's present thought it wise to compare against existing dress and doing so horrified to find it too small by two sizes.  Confronted Mrs Payne with this, who looked most confounded when recounting her statement as to size required.  Responding saying she said nothing of the sort, and was awfully silly buying size I did.  This inevitably meant another trip into town.

To add further problems, had fearful row with other half about not sending Christmas card to suspicious old couple across the road.  Said I felt this quite unreasonable given their assured involvement in earlier problems.  Other half responded that I brought it all on myself, and they were quite worthy of a card.  Gave evidence of flimsy cheap card they had sent us, however other half quickly responded I had bought the same ones last year.  Too deflated to reply to this.

Now have to return to department store to return dress and get larger size.  Mrs Payne teased awfully over my mistake at breakfast once other half had left.  Thought this most unreasonable.

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