Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Day 58

Heated debate last night as to what meat to have for Christmas dinner.  Was quite adamant as to having turkey, however dissenting opinions positively abundant.  Suggestion from Mrs Payne on having turkey mince quite ridiculous and told her as much.  Provided no further input thereafter.  Much disagreement ended with other half saying she would order from frightfully expensive organic place nearby.  Response from me that last year's frozen turkey a positive triumph quickly rebuked as being "like eating a sock".  Said this comment was a bit thick. Other half replied so was the turkey.

Quite curious this morning.  Was certain I had not eaten my advent calendar chocolate, but coming to it, found the door quite empty.  Queried this over breakfast, with some concern from other half on whether I was losing my memory.  Disappointed all the same.

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