Friday, 23 December 2011

Day 60

Other half terribly annoyed last night when told her about turkey. Explained the birds quite straggly and owner most rude with regards to defending his produce.  Other half agreed on audacity of poor produce, however in explaining it was positively the worse turkey I had ever seen, raised a question as to why I was looking at a turkey.  Explanation that that is what we had ordered most rigorously denied, saying we had not ordered a turkey, but "as bally well agreed", we had ordered a goose.  Exclaimed we had agreed on turkey, not goose, and this renewed fearful argument as to which had greater merit.

Other half and I eventually made up saying it didn't matter which we had as long as we were together.  She's a darling.

Went to retrieve advent calendar chocolate this morning from its hiding place, and opened door had quite distinct shock.  Taking the Christmas treat to the breakfast table, made accusation,
"What is this?", holding a beautifully carved tiny sprout in the shape of chocolate!
"What is what dear?  What is that?", other half replied nonchalantly, "I'm bound to say I have no idea".

Mrs Payne unusually quiet also, so knew something was afoot.

"I say, if a man can't keep possession of advent calendar chocolate in his own home, well, it's a jolly poor showing!"

"Oh be quiet and eat your sprout", other half responded, before bursting into laughter with Mrs Payne joining in.  Then proceeded to fall about laughing even further, saying,
"Oh Robert!  Your face, it's a picture!".

Most displeased by this.

Having no turkey (or goose), will have to go out this morning and scavenge what can be had for Christmas dinner.  Not looking forward to shops and will stay a good deal away from organic place.

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