Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 62 - afternoon

Really missed a trick not going to library previously.  Place positively dead early on before the elderly had shuffled in mid-morning.  By that time I had made a significant dent into my design work and was seeking other ways to spend my time before having to head home to Mrs Payne.

Thought I would see what newspapers were available, which proved awfully difficult, with seemingly some sort of elderly person 'pecking order' for selection and distribution of newspapers.  As such, Mr News, head newspaper reader, was the only one sitting at the table where newspapers were spread, and his various underlings sat nearby, apparently waiting on their master for the odd cast off.

Having viewed this from afar, thought this quite absurd and made a particular effort to drag a nearby chair up to the table.  Having done so, proceeded to place my notebook on the table and reach for the Times.  At this, Mr News, not even bothering to look up, declared,
"That is being read".
Quite furious at this, but let the newspaper alone, and went instead for the Guardian.  Again, Mr News, declared,
"That is being read".
This time, quite prepared, replied,
"It doesn't look like it", and went on to open the newspaper, positively shaking with anger.
Not quite finished, Mr News looked directly at me and with quiet fury said,
"Sorry Charlie, you'll have to wait for the Guardian, SIR here jumped the queue."
Too angry to reply.

Some time passed of barely reading, with previous argument in my mind, and eventually realised Mr News was going to outlast my tenure in the library.  As such folded the newspaper, and politely handed it to "Charlie", who said he didn't want it, thanks all the same.  With this Mr News grunted, and I left the reading section.

Before leaving I had a most ingenious idea of seeking out a book on dominoes play.  Finding several of the books I selected the most useful looking "Introduction to Dominoes" and went to the desk.  Most annoyed to find that without official registered library card could only borrow the book for two days, but borrowed it all the same, tucking it inside my notebook to keep it hidden from Mrs Payne and other half.

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