Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 63 - afternoon

Made quite sure to have no further run-in with Mr News at library, but upon returning home received frightful shock.  Quite inexplicably, 10 year old willow tree that had made its home of a little circular patch of soil in our front lawn had disappeared.  Went over immediately to investigate to find soil neatly raked over as if tree had never been there.

Open mouthed, looked around area to see if by some madness tree had wandered off, but tree nowhere to be seen.

Still open mouthed let myself in and asked Mrs Payne what had happened to tree, last seen this morning, in garden.  Mrs Payne response, "Oh?  What tree?", entirely unhelpful.  Asked her to join me at lounge window to survey the lawn.

Mrs Payne most displeased on having to get up, but with some huff and puff managed to get to the window and having made the distance explained, "Oh!  That tree!".  Ventured to ask where "that tree" was, and positively flabbergasted to hear council had taken tree away later.

Bound to say had to make some considerable effort with regards to temper but asked perhaps she would be so good as to explain why council had taken tree, rooted in the ground, when Christmas tree left accessible next to bin as previously explained.

At this Mrs Payne, most defensively said the bin men had taken the Christmas tree as I had asked, and furthermore she had to leap to the front door and provide instructions to that affect as they were,
"leaving it strewn in the street".

Gave large sigh, and Mrs Payne returned to her armchair visibly harmed by the injustice.  Thought better of asking what further event led to disappearance of willow tree.  Will leave this to other half this evening.

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