Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 63

Other half awfully disappointed at taking down Christmas tree yesterday evening, as was Mrs Payne at removal of avalanche of decorations.  Took some considerable time, with no small amount of needles left on carpet.  Said plastic tree far superior in this regard.  Other half responded only reason plastic tree didn't drop was because it had less needles than a pin cushion.  Thought this quite irrational.

Took tree outside and propped against bin for collection tomorrow.  County council offer awfully convenient service whereby tree can be collected for mulching.  Aggrieved at giving council free mulch all the same.

With previous success with creative process am taking another trip to library.  Explained to Mrs Payne that bin men would be coming around for the bin and tree would also be collected.  After some confusion message seemed to hit home.

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