Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 65

Last night altogether livid with episode at library with regards to 5 pound fine.  Made some effort to recount with other half and Mrs Payne over dinner.  Mrs Payne positively shocked with fine of that magnitude, although other half unusually quiet.

Some time later, other half sheepishly said perhaps she knew about said book on account of her having took it out from library, and awfully sorry, but had neglected to return book in time.  Mrs Payne thought this frightfully amusing that I had taken flack for other half's misdemeanour and chuckled for some considerable time saying repeatedly,
"I hope you gave them what-for, Robert!".
Was all too aware I HAD given them what-for, and further, now had arduous decision on whether to retrieve 5 pounds or keep book, now unwanted by other half.

Further to this consideration, made point of mentioning other half's sneaky goings on with regards to borrowing book in first place and not telling me!  This unfortunately backfired as Mrs Payne had spied my own sneaky book loan when I had brought it home on her daily scuttling about.  Other half took some exception to this, said accusation was "jolly rich".

Ended conversation both having been caught out and Mrs Payne thinking it most amusing of evening entertainment.  Said I would take book back tomorrow.  Mrs Payne's comment "you give them what-for, Robert!" entirely unhelpful.

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