Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 66 - lunch

Mrs Payne's new mood altogether more onerous than the last.  Having careful rid ourselves of rancid coffee based drink, other half had gone to work and I had gone to my office.  Had explained that really was no need to clean coffee machine, as she was too kind in making it for us this morning.  Most depressed had considered complete disassembly quite likely required to bring machine back to life.

Went down to get tea to find Mrs Payne with spectacles on in fearful concentration looking at dishwasher instructions.  Quite unprepared to have broken dishwasher as well as coffee maker, went on to explain how to set it up and left her job of putting in few dishes from breakfast and closing door.  Mrs Payne seemed quite grateful for this, and taking my tea went back to my office.

Coming down for lunch was pleased to see kitchen most spick-and-span and dishwasher quietly humming away.  Asked if she had had any problems, and she said machine quite easiest thing to work in the world.

Sitting down for lunch had curious feeling that kitchen was rather sparse, and looking around begged Mrs Payne's pardon, but where was the coffee maker?  Explanation came back that it was being cleaned.  Said to this Mrs Payne really too kind, but where exactly was it?  Dismayed to learn coffee maker was in dishwasher.  Pondered with her as to whether was wise to put electric item in dishwasher, and bound to say had to agree with logic that she thought it best not to put the plug in.  As such, went to utility room to find cable with plug trailing out of dishwasher door along with small trickle of water, pooling on floor.  Putting bowl under trickle went back to kitchen to find Mrs Payne assuring it to be "like new" once done.  Some further time remains on dishwasher programme, and will have to see end result later.

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