Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 66

Had quite some discussion with other half over the weekend as to Mrs Payne's extended residency in our home.  Disappearance of willow tree quite brought things to a head, and was decided she would have to return to nursing home.  As such, having told Mrs Payne this, had absolutely frightful weekend.  Mrs Payne instantly put up defence saying nursing home "full of old people!" not entirely helping situation, and frosty reception all of Saturday and Sunday, with myself considered primary traitor.

Expected absolute worst this morning over breakfast, however quite unexpectedly Mrs Payne in most jolly of moods, and further had got up at a most unusual hour to make other half and I breakfast.  Reticent of previous misdemeanours if kitchen, was surprised to find kitchen really quite tidy.  Further cereal and toast had been laid out.

Unfortunately breakfast not altogether in order.  Mrs Payne, had attempted making morning coffee using coffee maker, but unable to find coffee grounds had instead made alternate arrangements.  Explained was awfully sorry, but struggled to manipulate the "coffee contraption", but very proud of herself, had nevertheless forged ahead and produced coffee all the same by passing instant coffee and powered milk through coffee maker.  In effort not to upset Mrs Payne, other half and I carefully sipped brown bitter substance (quite unfit to call coffee) whilst smiling politely to Mrs Payne's question on whether it tasted ever better than normal.  Whilst doing so looked in horror at state of coffee maker, dripping powdered milk from every orifice.  Quite unsure if coffee maker will pull through.  RIP.

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